Thursday, August 15, 2013

The "God" Filter ~ It's in the D's!

                                                               Powerful D's!

Desire, Discipline, Discernment, Direction and Delight ~ in Reading "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, Lysa TerKeurst shares this personal filter that she uses in her relationship and talks with God. I fell in love with it immediately! There's something awesome about these 'D's!

In my weight loss journey an awesome training mentor taught me 'Dedication, Discipline, and Determination'. More D's!  There's a powerful trend going on here. I'm excited and anxious to expand my D's to not only those things that have applied to my personal perseverance through circumstances and tough goals to now growing deeper in my relationship with Jesus Christ.

After many years of believing in and knowing Jesus, I now KNOW  Him.  I remember the day as I sat in a new church for the first time.  It was a make-shift church in a borrowed building full of folding chairs and tear down walls.  There wasn't anything audible from God but I sure  was feeling different.  I knew immediately I was home, or as close as I would get while on this earth.  I'm not sure what the message was that this very different pastor was giving that day, but he was speaking it from a place of passion.  He wasn't your traditional pastor (remember this wasn't your traditional church) - he stood up front in jeans and a button down, maybe even flip flops, and was real. I realized I would need a journal for sermon notes because he was giving me more than I could possibly absorb - scary part was, I wanted more and still do.  This is how it all started not quite 5 years ago.

This same pastor over the past 5 years continues to be a major vessel in my growth. He continues to be real. Do I agree with every decision he makes within our church, absolutely not.  In fact, I think he some times has tunnel vision and I pray that his advisory team stands up to him and broadens his box. There are a few times I have felt like I didn't have the support of my church, where my heart was slightly jarred as a result. I could present my case to them but why - so I could feel recognized? I had to use my 'filter' to determine what I was looking for, who would get the glory in the situation, most times I realized it was ME. Then I remember, he is human.  He lives in the flesh.  He is still growing and learning like me.  He is a gifted disciple, but has to be spiritually fed by mentors and must continue to look for discernment every day as well.  Yes, Pastor was his official call around the church, but more than that he was a mentor, a teacher, and a wise friend. He had seminary knowledge, knew the bible, but was continuing his growth every day the same way each one of us do. He too had to discern and get his direction from above.

In describing my pastor above, I've also described Lysa.  Lysa is a gifted disciple who had a call to women's ministry and wants nothing more than multiplying the kingdom.  It is her personal wisdom that helps each of us grow with her so we too can work to multiply the kingdom. Here is her filter (and now mine). What does yours look like?

Desire - to want God more than anything else
Discipline - to make my relationship with Him my #1 Priority
Discernment - to know the difference between my own thoughts and God's voice.
Direction - to reach out to Him for clear direction in all things
Delight - may my relationship with God be characterized by sheer delight rather then a sense of duty

and to take this a step further, my old - but new 3 D's!

Dedication - to ministry. To multiplying the kingdom by building disciples. One disciple at a time!
Discipline- to become the best I can be physically and spiritually for Him. Taking care of my Temple!
Determination - to keep on keeping on regardless of the circumstances.

Filters to live by.   His will over mine ~ in all things ~ all the time.

My pastor, described above, shared his wisdom with me regarding discernment. This can be found on our church website (Link below) and is worthy of sharing.  You will find it a combination of Lysa's personal filter, his filter, and the filter of another wise author.  How awesome to have these incredible teachers in our lives.  Praising God for Proverbs 31 Ministry and my ability to grow as well as participate in an organization that is working to grow disciples across the USA and now 120+ countries.  There's something to say about social media ministry! How else can you reach so many women without leaving your office?

and just for the record, I still have that same non-traditional pastor - we now meet in a high school auditorium instead of the make-shift church (our first goal for funds is mission work, our belief - it's not the building that makes the church - its' the people.  A building would bring us comfort and beauty as we worship, feel-good stuff for us.  Is that the best use of our funds?)  He remains passionate and sometimes still thinks-in-the-box but he has been full of incredible wise messages over the last 5 years and like you and me, he is still growing.  Every day as a disciple means growing in Him, our Father.  One of the perks of  heaven on earth!

Get ready for Chapter 3 - When Obedience Becomes Radical!   Loving radical obedience!

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