Saturday, July 27, 2013

Winding Down SheSpeaks ~ The Sponge is ...........

Full with an Abundance of Brand new Knowledge

This is just a TEASER!  No time for a big blog post today ~ however, you can look for them to become more frequent and full of great news regarding the next steps in my personal ministry!  I have been in Concord, NC with an amazing array of beautiful women, from all over the country, at SheSpeaks.  

Every day has been full of riveting sessions by Proverbs 31 staff, publishers, speakers, and one of my last sessions was a literary agent.  The knowledge is vast and my sponge is near full for the day.  In just a few minutes I will head back downstairs to spend 2 hours with a critiquing group as we submit and have articles critiqued.  It is my desire to receive feedback that will strengthen the work that I know God is laying out for me in my personal ministry. The task has been given, now the work is mine.

I head home tomorrow afternoon and will be back here next week to share a series of blogs on the many things I learned this week, the relationships formed, and the amazing God that showed up to walk along side of us as we prepare to multiply His kingdom!

Until then.
Be the Light!
<3 Kelley

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