Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Say Yes to God - What if I Just don't Get it!

I'm sharing from my Journal this morning!  Let me set up my surroundings first!  I am sitting outside in Florham Park, NJ at the beautiful Hamilton Park Hotel; outside by the pool and gardens!  It's quiet and beautiful as I sit overlooking gardens and flowers - it's very cool, temperatures have to be in the 60s.  What a nice change from the muggy heat of SC! This is what I keep telling my husband I need at home - my own personal garden with the perfect chair - sweet table - but oooops - I don't think I can put an order in for the 60 degree weather yet!

 I worked out this morning as well! I have set myself up for perfect Jesus time.  I find it so hard to get this time at home, I do not have that perfect place yet.  I recommend you make this perfect place if you don't have it yet; it is 1st on my priority this weekend! You will find you get so much more out of your time with Jesus. 

I prayed before opening my bible and asked Jesus to put me right where I was supposed to be - He did!  I love it when a plan comes together.  I had been reading in Job a week ago and somehow the page got crumpled and that's where I opened today!  Today's reading was different than last week's tho!

He is tying my bible reading to my online bible study  (I love when that happens!!!!). We are reading What Happens When Women Say Yes to God - by Lysa TerKeurst.  Here are a few of the highlighted lines from Chapter 1 (this weeks chapter)...let me start right there...

'Look at my loss as a sacrifice of praise to God'

'Being a woman who says yes to God means making the choice to trust Him even when you can't understand why He requires some of the things He does.'

'When you look at your every day circumstances through the lens of God's perspective, everything changes'

Can I just say WOW! 

Here are the scriptures to accompany my quiet time today - along with some personal thoughts. Yes, I am going to share those with you!

James 1:12 - God blesses those who wait patiently, endure testing and temptation 
v18. He chose to give birth to us by giving us his true Word - we became his prized possessions.
v21. Get rid of all the filth in your life and humbly accept the Word God has planted in your heart for He has the power to save your souls. (WOW)

My prayer for weeks has been

Dear God, when is it my turn to be blessed in big ways?  When will my marriage and home life become 'Godly' - Will we ever pray together? Attend church together? When will I not be alone in worshipping and loving you? When will my husband love you first and foremost? and when will our marriage reflect you in all things? and yes God, sorry for the whining......but it's been a long, long time. When will it be YOUR perfect time for me? When can I have what others have? (ouch, yes, all those things that do not reflect trust in Him and His timing) - I'm human.

For several years now I have worshipped alone on Sunday, with just my daughters and grandchildren. It is painful every Sunday as I watch sweet couples pray together, worship together, and love the Lord - together.  How I envy (covet?) those couples.  A sweet, beautiful young  child of God that went to Nicaragua with me on a mission trip is getting married very soon.  As I look at pictures of she and her soon to be husband, God shows and reflects in their smiles.  Together they love God, they worship and praise Him.  I am so happy for her and for this life God has laid out for her. But then I say,

God, I'm no Spring Chicken!  in fact I'm nearly 50!  Can you speed this process up please!!!?

However, every day I surrender my life to Him and know that He has a plan for me.  I continue to praise and worship Him and I love God in huge ways.  He defeated the Cross! For me.  Whatever He plans MUST be enough for me. I must be in acceptance.

Luke 14:12 - When you put on a banquet do not invite your friends, brothers, relatives, invite the poor, cripple lame and blind.
Our motives for serving others is not to obligate them to serve us.

I am not sure why God laid this verse out for me this morning.  (as I type this the sun is now up and warmth has replaced the chilly air......ahhhhh just perfect).   Perhaps this verse is just a reminder that we are called to serve. We are to serve those that are the worst of the worst as well as those that are righteous.  We cannot pick or choose who we serve.  When we SAY YES TO GOD, we SERVE.  We serve all in His name.  All of our works should bring nothing but glory to Him. When we are at this place in our lives, it is our desire to always find positive and good in even the worst.  - YES, I think I now understand why this was laid on my heart.

Job 33:14 - For God speaks again and again though people do not recognize it.  He speaks in dreams, He whispers in their ears, and He terrifies them with warnings. He makes them turn from wrong doings and he keeps them from pride.  He protects them from the grave and disciplines on the sick bed.

 He does indeed.  We have got to be still and listen.  We must pay attention for those whispers and the nudges.  When we SAY YES TO GOD - he will provide us direction and wisdom (Proverbs 31:26) We have to position ourselves to hear from Him.  This is a loud busy world, don't miss His message.  He will try many ways to get through to us.  Slow down long enough to be still in Him. Recognize the messages. 

Job 33:23 - But if an angel appears from heaven a special messenger to intercede for a person and declares that he is upright- he will be gracious and save him from the grave. for I have found a ransom for his life. 
25-Then his body will become healthy as a child's firm and youthful agin.
26 - When he prays to God He will be accepted.  God will receive him with Joy and return Him to good standing.

My boss is traveling with me this week.  She reminds me at times that she  believes in angels of protection. She said this again yesterday.  So, this verse did not surprise me when I read it this morning.  Several times in the past couple of week topics have turned to angels, messengers? protectors? I like to think so - the Word tells us so -  angels in the bible have brought special messages - the Word says they can intercede for a person...Yes, I am thankful for angels. I am thankful for God as he uses people to bring messages as well - for He continues to use even my corporate boss as a vessel for Him. AMEN!

After an incredible time with Jesus - I must now return to the corporate world of meetings. ahhhhhhh Looking forward to the day when God blesses me with full time ministry.  Until then, He continues to fill me with wisdom, strength, and endurance in Him.  AMEN, Can't ask for more than that!

Until tomorrow!
In God's precious and Holy Light
<3 Kelley


  1. Kelley,

    You are such a blessing. I can feel your pain in that my husband was not a Christian. I have been there and still find myself longing to have a partner in life with whom to share worship, prayers and my love of God. I am believing God that he will provide what he feels I need on this new journey I am on.
    Thought of this verse for you that gave me comfort and encouragement while my husband was still alive and even with my stepson today: 1 Peter 3:1-6 NIV
    Wives, in the same way submit yourselves to your own husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, 2 when they see the purity and reverence of your lives. 3 Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. 4 Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. Thank you for being the honest, true Godly woman that you are! Have a blessed day. Phyllis

    1. Thank you Phyllis! - thank you for sharing your heart and soul! I absolutely love this scripture. My pastor has shared this with me a few times, for me to understand what is expected of me. I love it! I am so thankful for having some amazing facebook and Online bible study friends! I appreciate you so much! <3 Kelley

  2. Wow, this blog could have been written by me...we have the same burdens for our husbands and even the same cries to God....I try to continue to remind myself that God can sustain me in my loneliness. I make Him my husband and partner....not easy and sometimes I get angry and hurt even by the bliss of those around me..but I keep surrendering it. I used to want my husbands conversion for me....and God showed me the selfishness of that...now my heart longs for him to be free in Christ more than anything else. I also try to remember that the Christ he sees in me may be the only Christ he sees so I need to be sure I am reflecting the love of Christ to him regardless of everything else...be blessed sister...I will pray for you...

    1. ahhhhh I love it when God brings the like together! Praying for you as well. I am thankful through my relationship with Jesus I was able to focus on me and my relationship surrendering my husband to God, otherwise I think that I would be in a really bad place internally. I made the decision to love Jesus, Worship Jesus and to live my life reflecting Jesus in all things. To be radically obedient. I want those around me to have what I have - an amazing blissful love affair with Jesus! He is in control. Please come and share often! Praying Sweet Sister!

  3. Ohhhh that gave me chills I and my husbanb use to read the bible and go to church I got sick and it changes but I believed in the lord my saver my blood to his pl forgive me and help me on the right trackhelp me I love u God watch over each one of us

    1. Vanessa, I will pray for you and your situation. You reach out to that awesome Father of ours and you live your life for HIM! All the rest will fall into place in His perfect timing! Please keep in touch and keep coming back to read my blogs. It is my prayer that each post will at least touch one life and that one more person will want to join me in God's kingdom one day! HUGS and praying for you sweet sister